Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Our Dream Honeymoon

Honeymoon Rating

The best part of the wedding is the honeymoon. hehe... we have spent 25% of our total budget for this one. For us, this is what we value most since most our "bonding moments" are spent out-of-town where we commune with nature and with each other as a couple. This is in fact, our gift to ourselves also for the efforts and hardwork we have put to our wedding preps. Palawan has been our preferred destination years ago. We really tried to "avoid" going there as this is reserved for our honeymoon.. And it truly is a paradise for us, in fact, we might just settle down in this area 10 or 15 years from now. That's how Palawan has magnetized us!

El Nido - Miniloc
Peso Value: 33K (exclusive of airfare)
Rating: Sobrang Grabe sa Galing!!!! Nakakabaliw! hehe

Spending almost more than 10K per day in a hotel/resort sounds outrageous to us. But, no other occasion would be the best time to go there and splurge than a honeymoon. Kaya, todo na 'to! Indeed, there was no regrets booking Miniloc. It was the best resort we have been so far. Since January 2006, i have been doing my research on the best resort in Palawan. Originally, we wanted to go to Club Noad in Taytay, Palawan but later on, after some more tips from people who have been in Palawan (thru, we learned that the best place to go is El Nido, and since the El Nido resorts are the best resorts there, we opted to go to El Nido - Miniloc. Direct booking to elnido resorts is quite expensive so we had to canvassed with travel agencies for better, cheaper rates. Rajah Tours and Annset Holidays offered the best rate at $165/night/pax. It was our price to beat. Luckily, El Nido emailed me sometime in May for their anniversary rate offering a $155/night/pax rate for the water cottage - twin sharing! Galing! So, we booked immediately and paid in $ since this is the most practical.

We did not take the chartered flight to El Nido by Transvoyer since we availed the P10-fare of Cebu Pacific which only cost us P5,500 two-way for 2 pax! (what a steal!). So, from Puerto Princesa we stayed a night in one of the inns in Palawan and took the 5am bus trip to El Nido via Eulen Joy Liner. We arrived El Nido at 12:30pm. Had lunch and went to the airport where we will have the boat transfer to the resort with PM flight passengers. (beware sa tricycle drivers at El Nido town since the driver charged us P150 going to the airport, then we learned that fare is only P15.) We had refreshments there and people were very friendly and accommodating.

At the resort, we were welcomed again with a drink, guided us to our water cottage and during dinner we discussed the activities that we want for the next 2 days. Food is great, there were lots of choices. Although, it is hotel food, we enjoyed every meal and gained so much weight after our stay there hehe. The cottage room is also cool, the water cottage had a verandah so it was very refreshing looking at the island and some fishes under the cottage. Staff is absolutely like family. They take care of all your needs, put towels to your seats during boat transfers, put your things in a plastic so it won't get wet, etc. Grabe! Life of the rich and famous talaga ! hehe

The intro-dive was quite an experience! hataw! ang ganda ng underwater experience. Snorkeling is also great! The fishes were very friendly. The island hopping was also good! Kayaking was great! Pangulasian picnic lunch is cool! and the best part during our stay is our kayaking big and small lagoon! i guess the lagoons are very much like paradise! sobrang overwhelming ang view! and of course, our private picnic lunch in one of the islands is also very memorable! Galing-galing!

Basta, el nido - miniloc is really the best! It's worth the money we spent!

Dara's Resort - El Nido town
Peso Value: P450.00/night
Rating: Ayos lang

We joined the El Nido staff boat going to El Nido town in the afternoon of our last day in El Nido. We originally wanted to stay in Gloria's cottages since there were good reviews of this cottage at the website but there was no vacant room so Aling Gloria referred us to her son's cottage which is Dara's. Initially, i was hesitant to stay there since there were negative feedback about this cottage since there were some foreigners raw who lost their things there. But since it was late already and it was the 4th cottage that we have seen, and the cottage looks good, we took the risk. Any, the next day there were some teenage boys who were loitering near the cottages (the gate is just open so anybody can go inside the area) and Ricky saw them and stared at them so they after a while. We told Aling Gloria about it and she said that there were instances of guests losing their things in Rico's cottages (her son's cottage also) and Dara's but not in Gloria's raw. So, totoo pala ang balita sa internet tsk tsk.. So, beware na lang.

Places to eat at El Nido town is Squidos (good food but money wise parang Manila na, famous resto there) and Ric Sons (good fish dishes).

Bulwagang Princesa Inn (Puerto Princesa)
Peso Value: P780.00/night
Rating: Ayos lang

We had to look for a place near the bus terminal (since we are going to El Nido for the 5am trip) so the best choice is Bulwagang Princesa (less than 10 mins away). The place is undergoing re-painting at the time we arrived. The place is ok except that when we were taking our afternoon nap, two of their staff were fighting and we just saw one man carrying an "itak"! Yaiks! Scary...

Sabang Underground River
Peso Value: P700/pax
Rating: Sobrang Galing!

No argument why this is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Amazing! The 1.5 km boat ride in the cave is so cool, the rock formations are astonishing! Sobrang galing! We just had a DIY trip here since travel agencies cost P1,300/pax and since if we DIY this trip same cost will allow us to bring my cousin and her daughter we opted to go on our own. Best place to ask how to get there is Dept of Tourism.=)

Places to eat in Puerto Princesa is Ka Lui (very famous there for their delicious seafood dishes), Balinsasayaw (grilled and native food) and Chicken Inato.

Places to see: we stayed in Dumaran also, my cousin's place, the beaches are unexplored and really great! City tour in Puerto Princesa.

Overall, we stayed our 2-week vacation in Palawan.. It is really the best place we have seen so far in the Philippines (with more than 15 places we have been). True to its tagline "the last frontier". Highly recommended! Di kayo magsisisi.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our Wedding Kwento and Supplier Ratings

Hi there! Grabe! can't believe wedding preps is over after 3 years of preparation (over sa tagal ba? hehe). Well, we had a great wedding, it was perfect for us, although it rained during the reception but i guess it was a compromise already kasi when it rained, everyone had finished dinner na and we had our picture taking by tables done already. The rain actually helped the event become more informal at parang party na ang dating so we were able to mingle with everyone also.

Eto na ang mas detalyadong kwento:

June 11, 2006 (Sunday)
We had our hotel preps sa Hyatt Regency Hotel. We were supposed to check in sa hotel by 2pm but since i was still preparing everything i need to bring sa hotel like the materials, mga checklists, souvenirs and all boxes and easels, i was still having last minute arrangements so natapos ako ng 2pm. i still need to have my nails done. so i told Ricky na 4pm na lang. i went to the manicurista, it is my first time to have my manicure and pedicure ha? hehe. so boo-boo no. 1 ko, after the manicure, nainip ako sa tagal matuyo ng manicure kaya tinapat ko sa electric fan.. nyahh! nagkaroon ng bubbles hehe.. lousy! Any, dumating na sila hubby at bong and emil sa house then we went to Hyatt. The rooms were really great! Sobrang spacious. We had dinner at Chowking and holy cow! walang ATMs nearby. siguro pinagbawal dahil prone to hold-up ang EDSA at Baclaran hehe. We went pa to Mall of Asia for the ATM at ang hirap pang sakay ng taxi dun. Any, dumating na si Tina sa Hyatt (after coming from the New Hyatt Hotel & Casino hehe) and good gracious great! She was with her siblings kaya natulungan rin nila akong i-wrap yung gifts for the ninangs. Nahirapan kasi ako sa butterflies kung paano ikabit hehe. Kwentuhan kami ni Tina and told her all my bilin. Wrap-up rin kami with Bong. We were listening to the CD na i-play for the wedding and na-amaze rin si Tina na yung mga kanta eh pwede nga rin pala for wedding reception. Galing! Then, we slept at 1am.

June 12, 2006 (Independence Day este Wedding Day)

5am pa lang gising na ako, may mga biglaang things to do kasi ako na naiisip na di ko pa nabilin o nagawa kaya aga ko nagising (aside from gininaw ako sa aircon). Maaga rin nagising si Ricky. Nag-ayos ayos muna ako ng mga dadalhin uli and made my last minute instructions with Tina. Then, Janette went down to go swimming (o diba relax na relax ang sis ko) while Tina and I had our breakfast sa Cafe Al Fresco. Then, dumating na sila Mang Boy ng mga 9:30am, umakyat na muna ako to check on the flowers and sobrang saya naman dahil ganda lahat tapos may orchids hair ornament pa siyang dala. Paul Vincent's team was also there na kaya nataranta na ako dahil di pa kami naliligo. Tapos sumunod sila Angie and Shierdan. Nag-start ng make-up ang mama ni Ricky at nagpa-ayos din ng hair ang kanyang sis Rona. Tapos, start na sa akin.

Our pictorials started, nauna si Ricky sa room nya then after ko mag-make up ako naman. Feeling model talaga ako. Nung una, naiilang pa ako sa ngiti ko until i was able to relax. Pictorial sa loob ng room, verandah at kung saan saan pa. It was also a good thing we agreed to have couple's pictorials before the wedding ceremony at the hotel kasi ang daming areas sa hotel for pictorial. Saka fresh pa ang aming mga itsura. Also, di naman kami traditional so ok lang magkita na kami before the ceremony. We had pictorial sa lobby, sa may outdoor garden, tapos sa hallway na mala-ruins ang structure ng bato and sa stairs. Galing-Galing talaga!

Pagdating sa church, medyo na-tensyon lang ako kasi si Vhycks (MOH) and May (BM) ko eh wala pa. So, na-tense ako dahil walang mag-a-assist sa akin paglabas ko ng bridal car, buti na lang nandun sila Jonalyn and Mayee to assist me. When i had my bridal march, ok lang ako. di ako kinabahan gaano (which was my nightmare before the wedding due to the long aisle of Malate church hehe) but when the door opened, i heard my bridal march, mali sya! kaya nawala focus ko sa march tapos kita ko dad ko umiiyak na ng todo kaya nawala kaba ko at na-focus sa kanila hehe. We felt that the ceremony was fast, which is ok rin lang sa amin since memorized lines kami for the wedding rites eh. Paglabas namin ng church, naku makulimlim na... lagot! Kaya pray ako talaga na Lord sana hindi masayang yung set-up.

Sa reception, we were still able to introduce our ninongs and ninangs to each other as well as Ricky to my relatives from US and Australia. Then, we went to the lawn area for the pictorial. Walang sunset pero maganda pa rin naman yung sky. I like the grass part kasi parang Star Wars (yung si Anakin at Amidala eh nasa grass din hehe). Masaya yung pictorial dito dahil feeling model kami uli but we were hearing our hosts telling our guests that we seem to have a good time so they should wait for us for more minutes. Yun pala nag-prepare na for grand entrance yung friend ko para sa ento at lahat ng guests eh nag-hihintay na for us kaya sundo na ako ng aking eldest sister. Ngek! Stop na ang pictorial.

I had my retouch tapos grand entrance na. We had our first dance kaagad with matching party popper. Naku, di namin na-practice yung first dance and haba pala! eh same step lang kami the entire song ng "It Had To Be You" so niyakap ko na lang si Ricky for variation hehe. Then, we started the table pictures, tapos proceed sila kaagad sa buffet table after pictures. Then, song numbers na, until the 2nd singer sang, buti na lang tapos na lahat kumain at mag-picture kasi 1st stanza pa lang ng "You're Still You" umambon na tapos lumakas na ang patak. Kakatuwa rin ang reaction ng mga tao dahil poise na poise sila nung nagsitayuan, walang sigawan na naganap hehe. Very formal talaga sila. Tapos nung nagkumpulan na, hayun! Nagkagulo na at maingay na lahat. Parang nakawala sa hawla! Hehe We enjoyed it actually, sabi nga ni May, parang get together at reunion ang nangyari dahil lahat nagkakwentuhan at na-relax. Then, we had our program continued sa indoor function room ng CP (glad they have that).

Kakatuwa yung bouquet and garter toss. Yung garter, nakalimutan ko isuot so pa-simple ko inabot yung garter kay Ricky at kunwari kinuha nya sa loob ng gown ko hehe. We also had the single peeps pick a string lime green for the girls and aqua blue for the boys, yung longest na strand ang winner. Na-mafia yung isang friend namin na si Bong, siya kasi talagang ang gusto ipanalo dun ng mga boys kaya na-set up. But this part made everyone happy kasi kakatuwa yung part na gagayahin ng winners yung kiss namin ni Ricky to any part of my body. Tuwang-tuwa kami dito lahat! After that, thank you speeches na. Very touching din itong part na ito. Tapos, dancing na.

Basta! everything turned out well for us... it was perfect including the rain! It was really how we wanted our wedding to be, relaxed, informal but nice. God's gift!

Eto na po supplier ratings ko since everyone delivered well magaling silang lahat for us:

Total Wedding Budget: 250K (inclusive of 55K Palawan honeymoon)

Ratings: Grabe! Ang Galing - highest rating
Galing - Galing!

Hotel Preps - Hyatt Regency Hotel (Roxas Blvd)
Peso Value: 6,500 (club membership with 2 de luxe rooms and a lot of freebies) + 6,300 deluxe room & jr suite
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing

Thanks to sis Janix for recommending this hotel to us. Among the hotels, eto yung pinakareasonably priced for us. Actually one of our principles sa wedding is to get the most value for money suppliers and the Club at the Hyatt is really swak na swak! Included in the P6,500 membership kasi is 2 de luxe rooms and there are 20% discount voucher sa de luxe room and room upgrade vouchers. Yung mga months before the wedding, i was actually sad to know na hindi pwedeng gamiting yung free room on a holiday (miscommunication on my part and the AE who sold me the card) so i was actually trying to sell one of my vouchers dito sa waw to cover up for the expenses sana sa hotel, but when i told my dilemma to Janice (club at the hyatt coordinator) i was surprised na waive nya yun kasi wedding ko naman raw so i was able to use one of the de luxe rooms na rin on my wedding day. Buti na lang pala walang bumili ng vouchers ko hehe. Then i used the other complimentary room on june 13, had a room upgrade on june 11 (paid for de luxe room but used a jr suite room na spacious enough to accommodate the suppliers) and used a 20% discount voucher on june 11. We had a late check-out rin at 2pm for my room. Food was great (buffet lunch and breakfast), beds are big king-size kasi so h2b and 3 more buddies fit well pa rin sa kwarto nya. and as Paul Vincent noted, sobrang daming areas for pictorials, from the verandah of the hotel to the hotel lobby, hallways na mala-old walls ang dating to an outdoor-type garden na may falls. Sobrang galing talaga! Staff were courteous and friendly also. Medyo downside lang is strict sila on bringing food inside the rooms kasi may restaurant raw. But since we are aware of this, we just placed the food in a sports bag hehe. Highly recommended pa rin talaga ito!

Church: Malate Church
Peso Value: 8,600 (includes flowers, organist/soloist and electricity)
Rating: Galing-Galing

We originally wanted a garden wedding but since a lot of the old folks had and will have a violent reaction dahil Catholic kami ni h2b (by name hehe), we just had to have a church wedding. Nauna namin book ang Coconut Palace since garden wedding nga kami dapat so when we decided to have a church wedding, we looked for a church na di expensive at the same time malapit sa CP. And Malate Church was the best choice. At first, gandang-ganda na kami sa exteriors ng church kasi nga old structure sya pero yung interior nya simple lang for me, but ok rin naman especially for h2b. Ayoko lang talaga yung long aisle kasi feeling ko himatayin ako sa haba hehe. We considered Nuestra Senore De Guia (Ermita Church) but h2b liked Malate church more mas madali rin raw kasi hanapin.

Malate Church is very organized since they provide guidelines to everyone involved in the wedding. how the candle lighters should light the candle, what are the roles of the bridesmaid, best man etc., ano yung processional sequence, etc. So, it was easier to delegate responsibilities to people. They also have modules to choose from so di ka na mahirapan mag-isip kung ano ilagay sa missalette. We had a Tagalog Mass kasi we find it more meaningful at may lalim. Maganda rin yung bagong style nila na haharap ang couple sa audience during marriage vows and exchanging of rings, coins, bible. The seminars were also helpful.

(-) what i don't like lang was the song played during my bridal march. ay naku! perennial problem ata ito sa Malate church! There were other wawies who had the same problem before, kaya i was hoping di mangyari sa akin yun kaya kinausap namin organist 1 week before the wedding that my bridal march is "Panunumpa - Instrumental version", the organist agreed, but then when it was my time to march na yung Bridal Chorus pa rin play nya (eh ang lousy na nung kantang yun for me kasi nga gasgas na hmp!) tapos napansin ko yung red carpet dusty at madumi na hehe... kaya di na ako kinabahan sa pag march ko at di ko napansin yung haba ng aisle dahil kung anu-ano ang napansin kong iba aside from the fact that humahagulgol na dad ko sa iyak.. classic talaga! hehe. At very strict sila sa time, nung medyo nag-extend na kami dahil ang dami kong relatives na gusto mag-pa-picture, eh talaga naman sinara na nila ang lights para umalis na kami.

any, will still recommend Malate Church for their being organized and systematic inspite of being a little strict na rin.

Officiant: Fr. James Uy
Peso Value: Labor of Love
Rating: Galing-Galing

Since our wedding is on a Monday, Malate Church cannot provide a priest so we had to find our own priest. And of course, para at least me personal touch, we looked for a priest na kilala namin. So, Ricky thought of inviting Fr. James since he was their former head in CSA for the PE Program. So, we went to San Agustin Church to ask him to be our priest. Luckily, he agreed. During the wedding itself, Fr. James said very enlightening words during the homily. Although sa amin, medyo parang "lutang" na kami ni Ricky kaya di na kami nakapag-concentrate hehe. But, indeed, his support is a great help!

Reception Venue: Coconut Palace

Peso Value: 37K
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing!

I fell in love with CP the first time Ricky and I attended a bridal fair there. Before di ko pa pinapansin yang CP kasi alam ko nga ang dami raw charges but when we did our computation, ok naman sa budget. What we really love about it is the view, the bay, the sunset, the coconut trees, pool and the palace itself. nature-lover kasi kami ni h2b kaya kelangan garden reception talaga at siyempre CP doesn't need too much decoration pa. kaya swak na swak talaga for us. Ms. Mabel was very accommodating rin sa amin and she actually suggested ideas to us para mas maging ok yung venue decors. Meron kasi akong dilemma before about renting a gazebo sa caterer ko at the last minute, but Ms. Mabel suggested that i put luminaries na lang sa wall ng breakwater para maganda raw at di na ko gumastos pa ng malaki. Corek naman sya! We also got their sound system kasi additional 3K na lang kung sa kanila kunin, so para less hassle, sa kanila na kami kumuha. Maganda naman sound system nila. Everyone loved the venue and our guests were really awed by the place! Kahit na medyo malaki rin ang expense namin dito sobrang sulit. Coconut Palace rin ang isang reason why our wedding looked expensive and talagang all raves ang mga guests namin.

Caterer: Swan Catering
Peso Value: 70K (150 guests)
Rating: Galing-Galing!

Another value for money supplier namin ito. Among the accredited caterers of CP, Swan yung may lowest package kaya siyempre go na kami sa kanila. Our criteria lang naman sa caterer is that the food should taste like what it should taste. So when we had the food tasting, nasayahan naman kami dahil masarap lahat ng food. i love the buco pandan crepe hehe. si Ricky kahit di mahilig sa dessert, nagustuhan nya rin yung crepe kaya di pumayag na hingin ko haha! Swerte rin namin dahil we were able to get the Anniversary promo nila where we got a free choco fountain and additional dish! sobrang natuwa kami nun kasi we just a few money shelled out for the additional ang dami nang nadagdag sa menu namin... galing!

Set-up was great! siyempre malamig kasi sa mata yung aqua blue kaya panalo sa akin yun! since motif ko yun hehe. I was really surprised rin na they gave us a Victorian tent for free na! Irish is such a darling... siya ang pinakamabait at madaling kausapin sa Swan. Days before the wedding kasi as in 1 week before the wedding medyo na-tense ako sa kanila kasi wala ng kasamang gazebo sa package ko when we went to Swan to make the final payment, we were surprise kasi sabi ni Irish pangit raw kung walang gazebo eh 3K yung singil nila for that and i told her i don't want to spend 3K for a gazebo lang at ako na ang bahala gawa ng paraan kung ano ilagay ko sa couple's table. tapos nag-suggest nga si Mabel ng CP na luminaries na lang sa breakwater kasi maganda rin naman raw. i was really surprised pagpasok ko sa CP na may victorian tent kami! tapos free of charge na siya hehe Actually, malaking bagay yung victorian tent sa ikinaganda ng set-up kaya, panalo ang Swan sa amin! Lahat ng guests namin natuwa dun kasi parang nasa bird cage raw kami hehe.

Highly recommended ko ang Swan especially Irish.

Flowers: Mang Boy & Mang Jon
Peso Value: 5K (c/o my bestfriend Tina - secondary sponsor)
Inclusions: bridal bouquet, ninang & mom corsage, wristers & headdress for jr bridesmaids, 3 secondary sponsors, 2 altar flowers, offertory flower, bridal car flower, throw-away bouquet, flowergirls headdress and basket of flowers, loose petals
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing!

Syempre, long-time favorite na dito sila Mang Boy kaya naman when it comes to flowers talagang sila ang top choice ko. I considered contacting some florists for point of comparison kasi my bestfriend Tina is giving the flowers as a gift sa akin (sobrang natuwa siya na ikakasal na ako kaya sinagot nya flowers ko! hehe) so i have to give her options pa rin. Initially 7.5K ata ang quote sa sis ni Tina over the phone ni Mang Boy, so sabi ko puntahan ko na lang since i can make adjustments naman sa type of flowers, etc. Then, na-meet ko si Mang Jon, very accommodating siya at sinabi ko na kaagad na budget ko is 5K lang tapos kung anong type of flowers gusto ko. so nag-agree naman kami dahil siyempre love nya mga wawies... come wedding day, sobrang ganda ng mga flowers ko! cutie ng bridal bouquet ko! i love the combination of orange tulips and roses cutie pala, originally kasi tulips lang gusto ko eh since mahal raw yun, konti lang ang mailalagay nya for my budget kaya dagdagan na lang raw ng roses. ganda-ganda naman lahat ng flowers. i made sure fire colors ang color to complement with my aqua blue and lime green motif (since nature theme ko, maganda bright colors flowers). cutie ng calla lilies flowers ng secondary sponsors ko eleganteng-elegante kahit 3 pcs lang sila, tapos yung mga headdress rin, very alive! Mang Boy even gave me an orchid hair ornament kasi pinadagdag ko sana yun, pero di um-oo si Mang Jon pero nagdala rin Mang Boy, yun lang di ko na rin nagamit (sayang!) kasi naka-set na kami nila Ogie (hairstylist) sa pins on my hair. Highly recommended ko talaga sila Mang Boy! On-time rin silang dumating.

HMU: Angie Cruz and Ogie
Peso Value: 5K (bride + 2)
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing!

Siyempre wawie find rin sila inspired by sis Jacque ni Simon hehe! What can i say, everyone love my make-up kasi raw parang na-enhance lang ang face ko hindi makapal yung make-up. and siyempre everyone love the idea that my hair was up in the church but hair-down with my curls at the reception. Everyone loved my curls hehe! akala pa ng iba my hair extensions ako, sabi ko hindi natural yan. siyempre from my buhaghag curly hair to fabulous curls! Galing-galing talaga! Para akong artista este model na model hehe! My secondary sponsor and sis and MIL also love their make-ups, sobrang happy rin sila! Gaan-gaan ng kamay ni Angie dahil di ako masyado napaluha. Angie ang Ogie stayed until the start of the reception para sa change hairstyle ko at re-touch=) Highly recommended siyempre!

Photography: Paul Vincent Photography
Peso Value: 26K
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing!

Another waw find c/o sis Jacque ni Simon uli (dami ka talagang magaling na suppliers sis hehe). Originally, was considering 2 other suppliers kasi tight budget namin, but when i saw the pics of sis Jacque tapos browse ko ibang pics ni Paul sa website nya, nagalingan ako sa shots at mga layouts... kakaaliw! tapos may package naman siya na di kamahalan at nag-swak sa budget namin. So when we went to Paul's office, we saw the pics, album layouts and nagustuhan din sya ni Ricky kasi magaling mga ideas nya, he has eye for art and unconventional ang style nya. They came early sa hotel mga 10am tapos start kaagad mag-take ng pictures. Nakakaaliw kasi feeling model dating namin hehe. tapos, sabi ko gusto matago double chin ko kaya ayun, sobrang happy naman ako na di nga nahalata double chin ko kaya sobrang feeling sexy ko hehe. Tuwang-tuwa din sya sa Hyatt kasi daming venues for pictorial. We also had our pictorial before the ceremony sa hotel kasi raw para fresh pa kami. we are glad to do that kasi yung sa coconut palace medyo limited yung naging shots namin sa lawn kasi atat na ang bridal entourage ko mag-grande entrance (hay naku!). Also, sobrang happy kami kasi 1-photographer lang ang package namin but we ended up having 2-photographers kasi si ivy (wife ni Paul) is taking shots also. Kaya sobra-sobra ang pics, 1000+ lahat inabot. Basta! Ang galing-galing! Kita naman sa pictures di ba? hehe Lalo naging mukhang mahal ang wedding namin dahil sa kanila.

Videographer: Shierdan Pamintuan
Peso Value: 9K
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing!

Paul Vincent referred Shierdan to us, and since we trust Paul so much, go na kami kay Dan. Maaga rin sya dumating and ok rin kausap. Very enthusiastic rin sya katulad nila Paul kaya nakakatuwa. We got the raw footage 3 days after the wedding and we are happy... galing ng mga kuha nya sa mukhang may cinematic effect talaga. And when i saw the 6-minute video sa site nya, grabe! di ko ma-explain ang feeling, i feel touched and very happy at the same time. Kakatuwa! He was able to capture the feelings of the moment, the happiness, love, delight and full of soul ang scenes! Galing-galing! We are still waiting for the other edited versions though, but im sure maganda rin yun lahat=)

for the 6-min video: - under gallery

Bridal Gown, Groom Barong & Ento Dresses: Lucky 13 Bridal
Contact Person: Jeannie 0927-4934536
Peso Value: less than 20K
Inclusions: bridal gown & accessories (5K), groom barong (3.5K), dad's barong, 3 secondary sponsors gown, 3 jr bridesmaids gown, 1 MOH, 1 BM, 2 sisses, 4 flowergirls
Rating: Galing-Galing!

Swak sa budget namin itong Lucky 13 Bridal! I don't want to spend so much sa aking bridal gown kasi isang beses ko lang naman masusuot eh. and we don't want rin too expensive gowns for the ento kasi kami nag-shoulder nun hehe but we made sure that it is beautiful and it is something that they can wear after the wedding para di sayang yung money hehe. Ganda naman lumabas gown ko although hindi siya yung kamukha ng pinagaya ko. Nagkaroon kasi ng 2 personalities gown ko dahil detachable train ko at yung bolero. so sa church kasama yun tapos sa reception naka-tube dress na ako. Tuwang-tuwa rin guests ko sa transformation na ito hehe. I also love my 5 feet long veil.. sobrang haba nya pati sa train ko mas mahaba pa siya, pero maganda rin lumabas sa pic kasi parang 2nd layer sya ng train. Tapos sa ento, i love the secondary sponsors gowns! sobrang kuhang-kuha sa original pic. imagine, yung pinag-kopyahan ko eh 2.4K isang gown, tapos 800 lang ang kuha ko for this. my ento love their gowns rin, sexy kasi tapos maganda yung color combi. tapos yung sa jr bridesmaids ko kuhang-kuha din, yun lang nung huli medyo naging plain tingnan compared sa ibang ento, not the fault of Jeannie naman, but she is such a darling she agreed to put beads at no extra cost hehe. yung sa MOH at BM ko rin, cutie ang dress nila! My sisses were ok with the dress rin. Tapos yung sa FGs ko, medyo di nya rin nakuha maigi yung style ng dress pero later on modify ko na lang yung design kaya naging cutie na rin sila! I also love the cutie hair pins... Highly recommended pa rin siyempre!

Brides Shoes: 168 Mall Tutuban
Peso Value: P200 (hehe tipid)
Rating: Galing-Galing!

Haha! i-rate pa rin ba ito?! hehe But my shoes is cutie. It is the usual parang slippers-type na sandals na patulis with beads pero ang cool sa kanya is very comfortable sya dahil parang tela yung texture ng sandals tapos me aqua blue design sa dulo. then the color of the beads match the beads of my gown kaya masaya ako! tapos, don't want to spend too much uli sa shoes since i don't think i will use them as often dahil cream sya eh colors ng gowns ko eh bright and dark colors so di mag-match. hehe

Groom Shoes: SM
Peso Value: P600 (tipid uli!)
Rating: Galing-galing!

Tipid talaga sa shoes di ba? hehe well, hubby is not into leather shoes. as in, hindi. hehe more on outdoor sandals, rubber shoes, outdoor shoes kaya di na rin kami bili ng mahal na shoes. Originally we wanted to buy something sa Legacy ( a networking company that we joined na into leather shoes) pero wala ng stock yung gusto namin kaya SM ang bagsak. Comfy naman yung shoes and it served it's purpose well.

Wedding Rings: Golden (something hehe) - Ongpin St.
Peso Value: 6K (1 pair)
Rating: Galing-galing!

Swak uli sa budget! We are not into jewelries also (lagi nga naiiwan sa bahay kasi di kami sanay isuot hehe) kaya small budget lang for this one. Cutie naman yung rings kasi elegante tingnan for us, white gold yung rings with matte white gold in the middle. Free lifetime cleaning and resizing. Yun lang sabi sa amin scratchproof, pero me konting gasgas na ngayon. hehe

Hosts: ex-Officemates Jeff & Noel
Peso Value: Gift from the Heart
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing

Since my work is a trainor and i have friends in training who also hosts events, no doubt na ako na kunin ko ang mga friends ko di ba. At no cost hehe. Any, i was confident na kasi ok ang tandem nilang dalawa dahil they have worked together and si Noel is a great trainor and host because he has sense of humor tapos si sis Jeff naman is a good complement to Noel. They speak English and Tagalog well and they know how to segue easily. At talagang na-handle nila maigi pa rin yung program inspite of the rain. Tuwang-tuwa nga rin guests namin sa kanila. Noel is also a great singer yun nga lang sobrang alaskado sya ng mga guests kasi when he started to sing, the rain started to pour na hehe.

Cake: MsVhycks (my fabulous bestfriend & MOH)
Peso Value: Gift from the Heart
Rating: Grabe! Grabe sa Galing! (biased ba hehe)

No doubt, when it comes to making my wedding cake, it's got to be bespren Vhycks! She is my very creative friend kasi na swak kami sa pag-iisip ng mga kakaibang imahinasyon sa mga bagay-bagay! kaya siyempre, since gumagawa siya ng cakes at she is making wedding cakes na rin (she studied sa iba't-ibang schools including Heny Sison's culinary arts) so volunteer sya kaagad for the cake. Di naman ako nagkamali. Naku! eh May pa lang torture na torture na siya sa cake hehe. Nung April kasi nag-mock cake design sya tapos dami akong comments hehe including the cake, i like the carrot cake kasi na moist mala-banana cake, tapos idea ko talaga is forest-like design kasi nga nature theme tapos nature lover kami ni h2b at gusto ko mala-diwata ang effect. kaya hayun, she made chocolate cupcakes with different flowers for the guests tapos yung main cake namin is a carrot-walnut cake na sobrang sarap! grabe talaga sa sarap! my aunts from US said it is comparable to cakes in the US raw. The cake also is a horseshoe type with a tent (dahil mountaineers nga kami ni h2b and tent is our home sa mountains) and a lagoon in the middle. The guests love the chocolate cupcake kasi moist sya tapos di naman masyadong matamis. Galing-galing pa ng concept kasi may diwata sa taas with waterfalls tapos may mga vines then two fairies on the side, then may small cakes sa gilid (meant sana sa games pero di na namin nagawa kasi umulan) and then, small angels with messages (for the single ladies)... Sobra! Galing-galing talaga! As in! Highly recommended ko ang bespren ko! Love na love ko talaga siya!

Gifts to Ninangs: Brownies c/o bespren Vhycks uli
Peso Value: P40 for the container, brownies - gift from the heart uli
Rating: Grabe! Ang galing!

After thought na namin ang gift sa ninong at ninang hehe. Then, sabi sa amin dapat raw something sticky, originally fruit cake sana kaya lang nangarag si bespren Vhycks kasi 2 weeks before the wedding na yun tapos di pala available yung mga ingredients sa fruit cake pag di christmas season, so pastries na lang. tapos, na-realize ko wag na bigyan mga ninong ng pastries kasi di naman sila mahilig sa sweets so ninang na lang. Cutie ng wrapper na nagawa namin, i bought the container sa tabora, divisoria tapos i had the idea of the tissue paper inside tapos me butterflies na accent. (picture #13 sa website ni paul) im so glad dumating mga kapatid ni bespren tina sa hotel the night before and helped me place the butterflies (di kasi dumidikit sa glue hehe). Cutie-cutie!

Gift for Ninongs: Mark & Spencer mini-wines
Peso Value: P135 each (10% discount kasi dahil Father's day)
Rating: Galing-Galing!

Cutie ang packaging kasi sosyalin, tapos ka-color pa ng motif dahil green. We bought white mini wines. Cost-effective din naman kaya panalo!

Bridal car: c/o my Tito Nonong
Peso Value: gift from the heart
Rating: Galing!

Siyempre tipid ulit, we just asked our uncle if we can borrow his white honda car. He agreed naman. We are not inclined to a great car naman kaya kelangan lang white so no need to spend here hehe. My uncle provided the driver also and then we just placed bridal flowers. Ok naman, no problem at all.

Alcoholic Drink: SMBeer Partyline
Peso Value: P1,853 (1 30 liter keg or 3.9 cases)
Rating: Galing-galing!

Sobrang dali lang mag-order tapos free delivery with plastic cups and pitcher na rin. Hassle-free. We didn't want to provide so many beer kasi baka mag-kalasingan but the drinks were just enough for the boys para maging happy sila sa reception hehe.

Wedding paraphernalia: Wellmanson & SM
Peso Value: P210? (arrhae holder), P140 (ring holder), P100 (candles)
Rating: Galing-Galing!

Thanks to sis Pittipat for the arrhae and ring holders sa Wellmanson, siya kasi ang nagtingin for me dun when she went for her Quiapo Adventure. complete with picture pa yan nung pinakita nya sa akin... luvyah sis! Cute na cute ako sa holders namin kasi classic yung dating. silver treasure chest hehe. yung candles naman, last minute ko rin binili kasi although me provide Malate Church saka ko na lang naisip na pangit naman kung walang bitbit yung candle sponsors. i just placed blue ribbon sa light green candle as accent... same accent ng invitation ribbon namin. no sweat! hehe

Souvenirs: DIY c/o bespren May - Bridesmaid ko
Peso Value: P2,260 for the materials (gel wax, moss, gravel and sand, shot glass, sticker & wring wrap)
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing!

When it comes to souvenirs naman, my bespren May (dami ko bang bespren? hehe creative sila di ba?) initiated to make my gel candle souvenirs. Di ko na nakita kung paano gawin kasi atat akong gawin nung holy week but then sabi ni May masyadong maaga para gawin so sya na lang raw bahala. I trust naman my friend kaya hinayaan ko na sya. The idea is for the gel candle to look like mountain and beach since eto ang madalas na puntahan namin ni h2b. However, nag-mukha silang underwater scene hehe... pero ok naman dahil beach pa rin ang dating... cutie yung color very refreshing. Galing!

Invitations: DIY namin
Peso Value: P1,000 (paper, abaca fiber & paper tulle)
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing-Galing! siyempre!!! hehe

I love crafts and since high school pa ako mahilig na akong gumawa ng mga cards, i guess my friends would easily guess that i will do my own invites. Kaya sabi nila sa invites namin "very Joed" hehe. We wanted the unique concept of the invite tapos less cost pa rin. I love the paper i got sa National bookstore, it's starsilver brand na may butterflies embossed. You can check my wedding announcer para sa texture. The abaca fiber is very nice kasi parang moss sya tapos yung front page ng invitation was really great! cute concept! unique nga raw! A lot of our guests like the invitation dahil very unique. And they are amazed sa Tagalog invite namin dahil bihira raw Tagalog na invitation. Sobrang happy at proud kami sa output ng invite namin!!!

Missalette: DIY namin
Peso Value: P10 per missalette
Rating: Galing-Galing!

I just used the same invitation paper na may butterfly. Tapos pa-print ko lang yung mga sheets back to back sa photocopying center. hehe voila! done na missalettes

Music: DIY ni h2b with friends Bong, Tombi, Jonathan & Baxi
Peso Value: Gift from the Heart
Rating: Sobrang Grabe! Ang Galing!

Siyempre touch ako dito sa music compiled by hubby, kasi sabi nya para sa akin lahat ng songs and true enough ang ganda-ganda ng mga lyrics. And very unique ang songs, 70's love songs sila and very nice talaga! I love yung "just you and me" by chicago, grand entrance song namin ni hubby yun. Tapos, yung grand entrance na "happy man" of chicago. "Maybe I'm Amazed" "Calico Skies" etc. ganda-ganda! sobrang natuwa ako at touch kay Ricky. And ilang Saturdays rin nila pinaghirapan i-compile lahat yun. We didn't want any string or band kasi we want to give justice to the tunes hehe kaya gusto namin original artists talaga. My friends thought it was weird kasi never been played sa wedding yung mga songs but when they listened to it, gandang-ganda rin sila. Also, talagang binantayan din nila Jonathan yung sound system to make sure the right song is played at the right time. Will share the songs and lyrics in my blog.=) Sobrang happy talaga kami dito at proud na proud rin!

Table Numbers & Guestsheets: DIY ng officemate Joyce
Peso Value: P54 for each table number frame
Rating: Grabe! Ang Galing-Galing!

This is also one of the DIYs i love most! A lot of our guests love the idea also. Of course, we are proud of the idea, too. My idea of the table numbers kasi is to put the different places that we have been as table names, so from different mountains (Mt. Pulag, Mt. Talamitam) to resorts that we have been, provinces, etc. so i had to choose 15 places para mailagay namin, then there is a description of the place and some kwento why we were there and what happened while we were at the place (this was placed at one side of the frame) tapos a picture of us in that place (other side of the frame placed back to back ng frame). Sobrang cool! And my officemate Joyce, was great in doing the layout of the table number and also yung guest sheet became a bigger version naman. Sobrang cutie at galing-galing nito! This is one of the things that made our wedding unique. Galing! Proud na proud kami dito...

Wedding Source: Weddings at Work (w@w)
Peso Value: gift from the hearts
Rating: Grabe! Ang galing-galing!!!!

Siyempre our love goes to w@w! Thanks Mama Benz and Papa John for creating this group, sobrang helpful siya sa amin in 3 years of planning namin hehe. Our sisses and bros na sobrang helpful in everything, suppliers, motivating people, encouraging everyone, tips at kung anu-ano pa. Naku, talagang naging part kayo ng buhay namin during the preps kasi i spend more time in preps than working (mwehehehe). Sabi nga ni hubby, paano na tayo kung wala ang w@w...naks! Sobrang thank you talaga!!! mwwaaahhhh!!!

So, there you go... we hope you were able to enjoy the long read. All in all, it was perfect for us. Wala kaming pasaway na supplier, our friends delivered very well as on the day coordinators and they were able to implement the wedding the way we envisioned it to be kaya naging relaxed kami ni h2b. Sobrang saya! We were very grateful to our friends for the efforts that they had, grabe! love na love nila kami kaya love na love din namin sila... and of course, the preps made hubby and i closer and made us say, we are again.. "given to each other... God's will" (theme namin yan hehe).

for more of our wedding pics:

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Zoobic Adventure (Pards Bday Celeb)

Zoobic Adventure (Pards Bday Celeb)
July 16-17, 2005

Hay Life! Masaya talaga ang buhay if you are able to do things you want to do and the best part of it is doing it with the person you love... senti... hehe

Ok, now our next destination was Subic, Zambales. I have been thinking where we will go to celebrate Pards Ricky's bday. I was really keen on Caylabne Resort because they have a promo of P1,198.00 per head for overnight accommodation, only to find out that di pala pwede punta dun ng walang car.=( nyek! Other options were Nurture Spa (pero view lang talaga, no other activities), Island Cove (ayaw naman ni papa ricky dahil swimming na naman raw).. Baguio popped also but then, di naman siya pwede umalis ng Sat morning because he has his classes. So, he suggested Subic.. sa excitement ko (always excited mag-lakwatsa hehe... palibhasa pareho kaming layas!) i searched the internet and my magic expanding folders of North Luzon fliers and brochures (feeling ko na talaga magtatayo ako ng Travel Agency 5 yrs from now hehe). I had several options for Subic. And of course, the very reliable came to the rescue. I had numbers of Zoobic, Legenda, Subic Hotel, etc.

So finally we booked at the Zoobic Hotel. This is actually inside Crown Peak Hotel. I am so lucky naman when i was browsing for hotels, i chanced upon the website of Zoobic. And there i saw a privilege card being offered at P1,990.00 we have 1 night accommodation, a number of free entrance to Zoobic and Residence Zoo in Tagaytay, discounts in other hotels of Residence Inn and a free meal for every visit. Sobrang "great buy" siya. It is a lot cheaper than our budget. Check the site for the privilege cards.

Eto na pala yung kwento hehe (daming intro eh)...

July 16, 2005 (Saturday)

So we went to Victory Liner (Cubao) going to Olongapo, left at 1pm. This is quite an adventure because we haven't gone to Subic without a car, and we really can't imagine that at first, but with the help of Zoobic Staff i learned that we can go around Subic by bus.=) So, we got off at Olongapo, parang market hehe. Then rode the Yellow Jeep going to Subic Gate. From the gate, there were buses going around Subic. We took the bus going to Crown Peak. Tapos, we checked in na. We learned that Zoobic Hotel is actually inside Crown Peak Hotel, they just have a long-term lease of some rooms and that's what they were using na for the guests. The rates are just the same as the rates offered by Crown Peak. After checking in, we wanted to go to Gerry's Grill sana near Waterfront Road, but then, we arrived Crown Peak around 5pm na so in order for us to get to Waterfront Road, we need to take the bus again to the gate and from there take a jeep/L300 going to Waterfront. So when we got to the gate (after waiting for around 15 mins to get a ride), i asked around how much would be the taxi going to Waterfront eh P150 ata yung sinabi for 5 mins ride raw. And there is no bus or jeep going there. So we just decided to have dinner in Jollibee which is just across the terminal hehe. Then, we realized that there were a lot of people going to a street after the intersection.. looks like they are going to a gimik spot. Well, only to find out that we can actually walk to Waterfront Rd. around 15 mins. walk raw. hmmm... well, as the usual tropa saying goes "di naman aalis yan. next time na lang". So, we just went back to the hotel...

Siyempre we spent the rest of the night with our bonding moments, reminiscing the past before we have a relationship, how we fell in love with each other, the wedding and what we want to be in the future. Great night!

July 17, 2005 (Sunday)

We woke up early since we need to pack our things na so after the Zoobic Adventure we can go back to Manila already. We had breakfast, rice (which we bought from Jollibee the other night), and spanish sardines.

We were supposed to leave the hotel at 8:00am or Noel, the caretaker of Zoobic Hotel was supposed to let us know if we have a car going to Zoobic for a fee). Noel arrived 8:30am to inform us that there will be a car but we will have to pay P100.00 each. Not bad since it's two-way and the going rate there is around P200 for a 30-minute ride ata... hmm forgot na hehe. But then, we were supposed to leave at 9:00am. So, we just watched TV muna. Aba! 10:00 na wala pa rin ang Noel. Although it was raining so we thought ok na rin kaysa basa kami while going around the zoo, though we have our Goretex jackets with us.

Finally, at 10:30, Noel arrived, and so was the car. We went to Zoobic about 15 mins. drive from CrownPeak. And we really had fun here! Great place!

We first visited the Serpentarium, where there were different reptiles e.g. snakes, iguanas, lizards, etc. Nothing spectacular, though.

Then, there was heavy rain so we watched the Tiger Show muna. I had a chance to touch the big tiger... unfortunately Pards Ricky's hands were not stable kaya medyo blurred... ay... sayang! Any, after the rain, we went to the much awaited Tiger Safari ride. We rode the Safari jeep and then went around the place where there were 4 tigers roaming around. We did not feed them live chicken (para sana you see them jump to the jeep to eat the chicken) coz its quite expensive. P200 per chicken eh.. mahal pa sa Andok's manok hehe.

Then, we went to the Petting Zoo, here there are animals just roaming around, without cages, some were caged also. The pigs, sheeps, donkeys, monkeys, etc were just roaming. but the eagles, peacocks, the cloud rat were caged. Noel, our zoo guide also, was very informative while we were touring around. He has lots of very educational stories about each animal that we see.

After the Petting Zoo, we went to the Animal Clinic where we saw big eggs, cubs, small ostriches. This is the place where eggs were hatched, cubs are nursed, etc.

Then, we went to the "Close Encounter with the Tigers". The tigers were caged. We learned that tigers were territorial and that with the smell of their urine, they will determine what cage they should go to. Galing noh? hehe. The stripes of the tiger also serve as their "thumbmark" no stripes are identical raw.

The last place that we went to was a place where ostriches are roaming around with different breeds of sheeps. We rode a golf cart going there, and we roamed the place thru that vehicle.

It was really amazing. The place is really great, entertaining, and educational. I am proud to know that we have something like this here in the Philippines. When we went to Singapore last year, we thought that the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari will make us see animals also roaming around freely but it was not. Zoobic is much much better. Its a great place to unwind and learn more about the environment. It would be great to go back as well.

After the tour, we had our lunch (food is quite expensive but it was just great i have the privilege card so i have my meal for free and we just paid for Ricky's meal). Meal costs starts from 100.00 (full meal).

Tips: If you go there, great to have a car so you can roam around. Purchase the Affinity Club. You can enjoy 18 free tickets to the zoo plus 1 room accommodation and a lot of discounts.

Total Cost this trip: approx. P2,000.00 / head (all in plus freebies for future Zoobic trips)

Helpful sites to get there:

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just a thought

hmmm just wondering how blogs of others are done... i wish someone i really know would be able to help... hehe

actually test message lang ito uli.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Maira-Ira Escapade

Maira-ira Kwento
May 27 – 30, 2005

From Cubao – Partas station, take the Laoag trip. We took the Super De Luxe bus (10:00pm trip, travel time 10 hrs.) because it is very spacious, you can actually recline your seats as if you are sleeping in a bed. There is much leg room. But you have to fall in line earlier than announced by the one in charge in the ticket booth because, there are only 27 seats available. They usually sell tickets 1 hour before the trip so what we did was to fall in line by 9:00pm without waiting for the announcement that the tickets are ready for selling. And even if we did that, we were actually seated at the 2nd to the last row. There are two seats on the left side of the bus and only 1 seat on the right side so there is very limited seats. Fariñas buses in Dimasalang have comfort rooms inside but Cubao is more convenient for us, so that’s why we chose Partas.

From Laoag, we got off the terminal, we arrived an hour earlier (7:00am – 9 hours trip) and went to the market since the trip to Claveria is at 8:00am. We bought our lunch menu of sinigang na baboy (1 kilo). The vegetables come in big bundles but very cheap. We also bought some chicacorn for pasalubong. We ate at the restaurant at the terminal of Claveria Tours (bus going to Claveria that will pass by Gaoa). We took the bus to Gaoa and got off there. Travel time 1 ½ hours. From Gaoa we bought some fish at the nearby talipapa (they only sell fish there) for dinner. From there we took the tricycle going to Maira-ira or blue lagoon.

Tricycle driver: Jun Lazo

The caretaker is Divina. They live in blue lagoon.

Nipa cottage – has two long wood chairs and a wooden table with coconut leaves as roof.

Day tour rate: P200.00/cottage
Overnight rate: P400.00/cottage
Use of C.R.: P5.00/use/head

We camped with our tents as shelter. No additional payment for that.

No electricity so you have to bring your lamps with you if you intend to stay overnight. Insects are all over, but it’s part of the adventure.

Why I love this place:
Great beach! One of the best beaches I have seen in the Philippines. Very clear water with blue and green water. It is a cove so it has great color. But the water is quite deep. Biglang lalim yung water. There is a part there that you can go snorkeling.

The teamwork of the people when they do their fishing is amazing! Hehe

Very serene place, I can actually stare at the green water for hours and get so refreshed! Not yet commercialized, so the place is very natural, with 180 degrees greeneries.

Lobster is only P300.00 (4 big pieces) we had 1 piece each with garlic/butter/pepper/salt as the sauce. Fish are really fresh and cheap also. Feels like a great vacation, really!

Menu namin:

Day 1
Lunch – sinigang na baboy, tuyo
Dinner – pinangat na isda, inihaw na isda

Day 2
Breakfast – tuyo, itlog, excess na inihaw na isda, frothe coffee
Lunch – lobster with butter, garlic, pepper and salt as sawsawan (the best!) at natirang isda pa rin
Dinner – steamed fish (parang lapu-lapu) at may isda pa rin natira

Day 3
Breakfast – hard boiled egg at regent’s cake at coffee
Lunch – Chowking chicken lauriat

Kilig Moments:

Of course, the all-time chef is my pards. Sinigang pa lang panalo na! Kahit magkahiwalay na niluto yung gabi sa karne dahil di na kasya sa pot. Hehe.

Umulan ng 2nd night namin, nasira yung poles ng tent sa harap so nakalubog ng konti yung door. Tumulo yung ulan sa may ulunan namin so pards told me na bumaliktad na lang ako ng pwesto para di ako matamaan ng tulo, the rain was continuous so the water was dripping at the door side. He made sure na yung mga tulo di umabot sa likuran ko so I won’t get cough. Walang sawa nyang pinupunasan at pinipiga yung sarong nya pag marami ng na-absorb na water. He is doing this from 12mn til 3am in every 30-min interval… hay! Labs nya ako talaga…

Kung babalik kami dun….

Gagawin namin base camp ang maira-ira then we can explore the other places there like paraiso ni anton, agua grande, bantay abot, etc.

We will add one-day for a Baguio overnight.